Adventure Band
Adventure Band are a collective of students / dropouts from Los Angeles who write and produce their own music. Singer-Songwriters Lucas Tameran and Max Subar met as random roommates their freshman year of college. After gigging as "The Neighbors" for a couple years, Max and Lucas enlisted multi-instrumentalist Henry Was to produce their debut EP. Henry joined the band as drummer, and produced their recordings from his basement-studio with the help of Henry Solomon (saxophone), JJ Kirkpatrick (trumpet), John Snow (bass) and Nick Kennerly (fiddle). The product, "The Neighbors EP", uniquely blends folk, jazz improvisation, and rock n roll. The mixtape was released on Spotify and iTunes in February 2015. Adventure Band is now recording their first full length album, to be released in early 2016. You can find Adventure Band at venues and house parties throughout California.




Adventure Band Tour Dates

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